With close to US$67 billion in two-way trade between the United States and Taiwan in 2014, the two regions are very important trade partners to each other. The United States is Taiwan's second largest trade partner and Taiwan is the tenth largest trade partner of the US. To help promote business with Taiwan from their specific region of the United States, numerous US State governments have established representative offices in Taiwan. In July 1992, these state government representative offices joined together to establish the American State Office's Association (ASOA) in Taiwan.
The economic and industrial strength and diversity represented by the ASOA member states is impressive.  The industry sectors represented by ASOA members are extremely diverse, including everything from high-tech industries such as information technology, biotech, and aerospace, to agriculture, environmental protection, education and tourism. Given this economic strength and diversity, ASOA is well-equipped to conduct business with Taiwan across a wide range of industries.
The overall objective of ASOA is to facilitate long-term commercial relations exchange between Taiwan and ASOA member states. ASOA also has the following specific objective:

● To promote a positive image of the State Offices.
● To participate in joint promotions of mutual interest. These might include areas such as Tourism, Education, Cultural Exchanges, Trade and Reverse Investment.
● To maintain mutual ties and communication with various local associations, local government offices, the American Institute in Taiwan, the American Chamber of Commerce.
● To collect evaluate and disseminate information of common interest to states.
● To maintain the good reputation of the ASOA and its members.
ASOA members are in Taiwan to promote the economic interests and serve the constituents of their home states. Each ASOA member has its own specific objectives and priorities which determine the sectors and services they emphasize. However, most ASOA members provide some combination of the following services:

●  Arrange and participate in commercial events such as trade missions and trade shows
●  Provide information on markets, investment, business opportunities, and contacts.
●  Provide tourism and study abroad information of member states
●  Provide logistical assistance to US companies visiting Taiwan for export and to Taiwanese companies visiting the US to import from or invest in the US.

Each members' service may vary slightly, so please contact your state representative for details(click here to see a list of state representatives). To request service from your state representative, please complete and submit ASOA's online service request form